A Positive Edge

     Clouds Of California Apparel began under many other names over the course of the past 4 years or so. The idea came to me in a Chico State dorm room with a few friends of mine. We absolutely loved checking out the new threads that California had to offer each week. One day we realized that all of these brands that represented the place we lived, weren't illustrating the true urban culture of California. We urged to create an honest brand, whether or not we come across as polite. It is crazy to me how a thought can grow, be built upon, and truly change your life. Clouds Of California™ is about much more than clothing. Our intentions are to create a product that the urban culture can relate to, no matter where you are from. California is very much a representation of the rest of the world in that it has many different cultures, geographies, stigmas, and even slangs. We love clothing and we fucking love California. We just want to design threads, surf, skate, and protect this beautiful place that we call home.

    The coalition of three young minds and the intuition of endless peers has led to the development of a company that focuses on cutting edge feel & quality that exceeds most in the industry. Inspired by the minds of California and driven by the West Coast hustler mentality; I hope you enjoy what we have to offer.

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Connor Clouds